My first relaxing weekend!

I have been so tired lately! But the new week has started, and I am ready! Friday I did some more freelance work. We did country roads again in the morning, and then in the afternoon we learned how to navigate a hotel and a movie theater. I was surprised that Ilo did not try to eat the popcorn from the floor! He is such a good boy! Saturday I had the day off, it felt strange not having any set plans. I just hung out with some fellow classmates all day and also walked on the leisure path a few times to tire Ilo out. It was extremely relaxing and very much needed!

Yesterday was another relaxing day. I did work with my instructor, but we didn’t go out. My group got the opportunity to place an order for any extra equipment that we wanted. I bought a extra leash and collar along with a grooming brush called the zoom groom, it’s mainly used for massages. Ilo loves it! I also got his puppy profile yesterday. It was so nice to hear what type of family he grew up in and how he interacted with not only the family members but the other dogs in the household. I learned that he grew up in a family of six, four children and a husband and wife. There were three other dogs in the household, one of them was another seeing eye dog in training. Apparently Ilo played the big brother role and would cuddle with the dogs if they weren’t feeling well. The family had many great things to say about him, end it made me so happy to know that he grew up with a lot of love. He is a major cuddler, and just a little love bug! Extremely smart, playful, happy, and mellow.

Today we went to the grocery store. I learned how to navigate with the cart and holding Ilo alongside me while whoever is assisting me pushes the cart at the other end. Again, I was extremely impressed at the fact that he did not try to grab a quick snack while walking around. So many things were in reach and he just kept walking along like nothing was there! After that, we came back to the main campus for lunch. Once lunch was over, we went to the mall. That was extremely fun! We started out by getting oriented with the mall, my instructor described the layout, then we walked around and he would tell us what stores were around and helped us find landmarks that would be helpful to identify where we were. Once we got acquainted with the area, he made us walk around the mall by ourselves and find our way back to the food court. It was so amazing being able to work so smoothly around the mall without bumping into anything or trying to navigate around something. And I have to say, I’ve never been to that mall, but I found my way around! It was helpful that the layout was similar to the mall that I go to back home. Ilo did an amazing job at not getting distracted, and trust me there were many opportunities. There was one obnoxious guy that started talking to Ilo and my classmates dog saying “oh look at those dogs, how cute! Yeah, good job work!”… come on people, what makes people think that’s OK? I responded by saying “these dogs are working, please don’t distract them”. I know that lots of people love dogs, and that they’re super cute, but if you know they’re working you should have enough common sense to not talk to them or stare at them. That’s the same as someone stopping and staring at a person and saying “awww cute human”. Would you like that? No. Haha. That’s the end of that rant.

Overall, I had a fantastic weekend and a great start to this new week! Each day I feel closer and closer to this handsome boy, and I honestly couldn’t be happier! It’s crazy to think that in just one week I will be back Home! Until tomorrow, good night from Ilo and I!


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