Day 10 and 11

Yesterday I had my solo, it went pretty well. I probably did better than I think I did. But Ilo definitely was great! After my solo I came back to the main campus to have lunch, once lunch was over we began what they call freelance. Freelance is where they try to re-create scenarios that you would encounter back at home. For example, I commute to school taking the train and the bus, so yesterday afternoon I rode on the bus and the train with Ilo. I’m surprised how well he did because of all the noise, it works out well because will be taking the train a lot when school starts up again! I must say, what these dogs do is amazing! My instructor was telling me to tell Ilo to go forward while I was in front of the train tracks, the train had not yet arrived so it was just the tracks. So when I told him to go forward, he immediately turned right instead of going forward to avoid leading me down onto the tracks. It’s so comforting to know that this dog is going to protect me in this way.

Last night we had a lecture about veterinary care. That was the longest lecture we’ve had yet, but I learned a lot of valuable information. I also learned how to give a dog a pill, which for those of you that have pets know that it’s not easy. I think I’m an expert now! My dog cupcake back home better watch out, she used to give everyone a hard time, but now I know how! It Felt like a long day yesterday, I passed out as soon as I laid in bed haha.

Today we did more freelance work. We worked on country roads which was an interesting experience. I don’t live in a rural area, but they have this as a requirement just as a precaution in case I ever move or travel somewhere with country roads. This afternoon I worked on taking the escalator with Ilo, it’s so much easier than going up and down an escalator with a cane. The school doesn’t really recommend taking the escalator because it could be dangerous for the dogs paws, but they like to teach you how in case you really have to. It was really good, like I said it’s easier than using a cane. Something else we worked on today was the follow command, this is going to make my life so much easier! You literally just say “follow” and Ilo Took me wherever the person in front of me was going!

The school was having a merchandise sale today, and I kind of went a little crazy shopping! But I bought a few useful things. For example, I bought two collapsible bowls that will be easy to travel with especially when I’m on campus all day. I also bought a cute bone shaped poop bag holster. Things that I bought that weren’t really necessary were; A sweater with different dog breeds the school has with them in harness, a shirt that is similar to the sweater, a few coffee mugs for myself and my family, and I also bought a plush yellow lab toy for my nephew. So it seems like I’m going to represent my school well when I leave here haha.

Good night for now, Ilo says to have a good night also!


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  1. So glad to read your blog. It reminds me of my time not that long ago. It is funny they told you they don’t really do escalators. They did not advise me of that at all. I myself also went crazy at the gift shop. It was so fun but so pricy haha. Keep up the amazing work.


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