Day 5: What a day!

This morning I woke up to take my handsome boy out and I have to say, he is more of a morning person than me haha. Waking up at 5:30 every morning is hard, but you know what? It’s so worth it! After I got up, I got ready and headed off to breakfast. The food here is pretty good, I can see why they just released their own cook book. Once breakfast was over I went back to my room and waited for my instructor; we worked on obedience again. Which involves my instructor knocking on the door, me telling my dog to sit and rest, then opening the door. If he gets up, we had to repeat the process until he does it correctly. He did so well, he’s an extremely good dog! On our morning walk, my instructor paired me with another woman and her dog. One of us would walk in front of the other and at the end of each block we would alternate. They do this to prevent competition between the dogs, so that they learn to go about their business. Another reason they do this is to get the dogs to walk around someone that’s in front of you if they’re going to slow. My boy did so well! He is such a rockstar! We did what’s called a traffic check, which involves an instructor driving a car in front of me while i’m approaching a driveway or street, the dogs reaction is that he’s supposed to stop or back up. This boy does such a good job at protecting me! It feels so liberating walking with this amazing pup, I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love this fast before! We still have a few minor things to work on, but overall he does an amazing job! Guess what? His name is Ilo! He is a very handsome yellow lab. Until tomorrow, good night from me and Ilo!


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