Day 2: is it Wednesday yet?

This morning I woke up at 4:30 in the morning, I knew I wasn’t getting my dog today but I guess my body just naturally woke up early due to overexcitement. And guess what? I couldn’t fall back asleep after that. So I started watching Netflix until about 5:30, and I got ready for the day. Breakfast was pretty good after we ate, my group loaded up into the van and we went to the school’s downtown training center where we took turns doing Juno walks. Each instructor has a group of about four students, while the instructor is out with someone else, we are free to talk to other students waiting for their walks or just hang out on our phones. I went on my walk first, my instructor would speed up or slow down and I would tell him what pace felt the most comfortable for me. He also checked for what type of pull was most comfortable, some dogs pull lighter/harder than others. On my way back from the walk, my instructor teased me. He told me that he knew what dog he was going to match me with, but he couldn’t tell me! I’m so anxious to know! The entire day I kept asking myself, can it be Wednesday already? Can the day be over so that I can get my dog tomorrow? The anticipation is killing me! After my walk I just hung out until the rest of my group finished. Once my group was done, we came back to the main campus to work on learning how to put the collars on the dogs as well as the harness. I had a hard time putting the harness on at first, but with practice it got easier. My instructor is so nice, if you don’t understand something he goes out of his way to explain it so that you can understand. Luckily after practicing how to put the harness on I had some free time to relax before lunch. After lunch we headed back to the downtown training Center to do the second Juno walk of the day, they mean it when they tell you they will work in all weather conditions! It was raining when I went on my second walk, but thankfully it wasn’t raining too hard. On the second walk, my instructor focused on commands as well as leash corrections. I honestly need to work on my leash corrections, I know that it doesn’t hurt the dog but when I think I’m doing it correctly my instructor tells me that I need to put a little bit more force. So hopefully in time I’ll get used to it. Something else I have to work on is raising my voice, I have a naturally soft voice, especially when I’m in public and my instructor said that I need to be louder so that my dog can hear me give clear directions. When we got back to the main campus, we had some more free time before dinner. I again just hung out in my room relaxing. Dinner was fish tonight, and I don’t like seafood so I chose to have salad to substitute. Once dinner was over, when heading back to my room the women in my hallway were hanging out talking so I joined them. We were waiting for a fire drill, once the fire alarm went off, we found the emergency exit and went outside. After the fire drill The women in my hallway as well as myself just hung out and talked before our lecture. The lecture was quick, we just discussed what we should expect tomorrow and what the schedule would be like. Unfortunately we don’t get our dogs until after we have a lecture in the morning. Once the lecture is over, we all head back to our room and the instructors bring us our dog’s individually one by one. I don’t even think I’m going to be able to sleep tonight! If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, it’s because I’m too busy with my lovely new dog! Just a few more hours to go, I can’t wait!


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