Day one: I’m here!

The day has finally come, I’m here! These past few months I’ve been awaiting this day, and it feels so surreal to actually be here. I started out the day getting breakfast with my family, then I hopped on the train and when I arrived, I was greeted by a staff member from the Seeing Eye. There were two other students on the train as well. It was a 30 minute car ride from the train station to the school, it was nice getting to know the other students that were in the car. One of them is receiving their first dog like myself, and the other student is receiving his fourth dog. When I arrived at the school, I was greeted by my instructor, as well as the two admissions directors. I have to say, this school has an amazing atmosphere! Everyone here is so nice, and made me feel welcome as soon as I walked through the door. My instructor assisted me to my room, and helped me learn the layout. He gave me about an hour and a half to unpack my stuff and get settled in. He then came back to my room and showed me around the building. After that, it was time for dinner. I didn’t enjoy it, but I’m a picky eater so I don’t think it has anything to do with how it was made. After dinner, I went on what they call a Juno walk. A Juno walk is where the instructor acts or takes place of the dog; the instructor holds one end of the harness while you hold onto the opposite end. The instructor then imitates what the dog would do, they do this to get you accustomed to how to position yourself when holding the harness, as well as to learn the commands. Another reason they do Juno walks is to learn what your natural pace is. After the walk, there was a lecture; we just discussed the school’s rules as well as what we should expect in the next few days. Overall, it was a great first day. I can honestly say that I feel like I picked the right school for me. All my nerves were calmed as soon as I walked through the doors. Tomorrow will be more lectures and two different Juno walks. I don’t get matched with my dog until Wednesday morning, I can’t wait! I hope Wednesday comes soon! Now time for bed, I have to get used to early mornings. Wish me luck tomorrow!


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